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You need a sound strategy whether it is in designing your value proposition, raising your brand profile, or integrating your marketing communications. We bring over 50 years of cumulative experience to our strategy consulting practice.



Do you have an in-house team for marketing? We will train your team in the conceptual and logical foundations of marketing using cutting-edge computer simulations. Make your team best-in-class.

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The Heart of Digital Marketing

At the heart of digital marketing lies a simple idea. Get the right message in front of the right customer at the right time. While some customers are browsing, others are deciding, and some are ready to buy. All customers have unique information needs according to their purchase intent in the moment.

Marketers must use the right tools, and more importantly, the right data signals to ensure they are meeting the needs of all customers and meeting the business goal of moving these customers along the buyer path - from browsing to decision making to buying.

At Avi Chand Marketing, we use a comprehensive set of tools and resources to ensure you meet the needs of your customers, convert traffic to leads and leads to sales, to keep your business growing.


Digital Marketing

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