About Us

Our Approach

Our basic approach is to Keep It Simple!

Digital Marketing has only one cardinal rule: get the right message before the right customer at the right time. Why? Because some customers are browsing, others are deciding, while some others are ready to buy from you. Your job is to meet the unique needs of each customer at each stage. We provide you with all the tools and strategies to meet all the needs of your customers and to keep your business growing.

Our Story

Our business started out of our own need for a one-stop-shop for all digital marketing needs. Earlier we found either web designers or search ad specialists or email database marketers. But no one agency provided all the solutions. So, we decided to fill the void!

Meet the Team

Before we are businessmen or techno-philes, we are human beings who are passionate about everything 'marketing'.

Avi Chand

Avi Chand

Founder & GM

MarCom & Branding Veteran with over 20 years of experience in Asia and North America. Managed to pick up an MBA from Singapore and Canada along with way.

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Atul Nischal

Atul Nischal

Co-Founder and Adviser

Passionate Educationist spearheading various initiatives to advance school education in India. Techno-phile by nature. Smartypants with a Ph.D. in Mathematics from USA.

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Meet Us for Coffee!

We are not all about business transactions. We love to meet entrepreneurs and help them nurture their businesses. We'd love to meet you for a cup of coffee to discuss your business.