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Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

We provide Websites and Email, Search and Social Media Ads, Content Marketing, SEO, and Email Marketing at the most affordable rates.
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Strategy Consulting

Your digital strategy is a critical aspect of your business as it serves as an overarching policy framework to engage, sell, and retain customers. Your strategy integrates your marketing message and your media channels - paid, owned, and earned - in a complementary manner to achieve your end goals and objectives. We work closely to understand your business and marketing strategy and design an ideal digital strategy.


Your brand is the identity of your products and services. It should be memorable, differentiated, and appealing. The advantages of strong branding are top-of-mind awareness (TOMA), recall, and favorable brand equity. We help you design memorable and appealing brands through creative marketing communications across media touch-points.


Do you have an in-house team for marketing? We will train your team in the conceptual and logical foundations of marketing using cutting-edge computer simulations. Make your team best-in-class.

Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing?

At the heart of digital marketing lies a simple idea. Customers do not immediately warm up to the value proposition of a brand or company. A relationship must be garnered with customers and nurtured over time. Digital marketing allows marketers to target customers with personalized messages and make them aware of their value proposition, get them to consider it in depth, and finally buy in to it.

Digital marketers use a variety of tools and techniques to nudge customers along this customer journey - from being aware, to being actively engaged, and finally buying. Marketers must use the right message and information to ensure they are meeting the needs of all customers and meeting the business goal of moving these customers along - from browsing to decision making to buying.

At Avi Chand Marketing, we use a comprehensive set of solutions and tools to ensure you meet the needs of your customers, convert customer traffic to leads, and leads to sales, to keep your business growing.

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